Mod3s: Mod5s: ModI:

Please follow Steps 1 to 5 in chronological order.

Step 1

Please select your Type and Name

Oligo Name:*

Step 2

Please insert your sequence greater than 3 bases in single letter codes (CAPITAL letters).

5'- -3'
All bonds PTO

Mark PTO-bonds by * between the bases.
If you wish all backbones to be PTO, however, rather check the box “All bonds PTO”.

Step 3

Please select your Modification.

To change modifications click "Reset Modifications" first.

End Modifications
5': 3':

Internal Modifications

on base

on base

5: 6:
7: 8:

For internal modifications, please replace the base in your sequence by the numbers 5, 6, 7, or 8 which mark the respective pull down menu.
By default, the modification will be at T then. If you choose another base, additional cost will apply.

Step 4

Please select your Scale and Purification


Modified/labeled DNA is HPLC purified at no additional charge. For RNA (modified or unmodified) please select at least RNA HPLC.

Step 5

Please select your Delivery


For shipments within Germany you may select „in solution“ or „lyophilized“.
To all other countries oligos are delivered lyophilized.

In solution:
0.1 nmol/µl nmol/µl